Heavy-up Electrical Panel Upgrade – Do You Really Need One?

Upgrading electrical panel to heavy-up is always recommended that helps to amplify the amount of amperage coming into the home, which is essentially capped sat a certain permitted amperage for various safety reasons. The amperage limit is directly related to the electrical requirements of the home.

Several factors contribute that decide on the requirement of heavy-up electrical panel upgrade. These are most commonly required in homes where the demand for safe electricity goes beyond the capacity, or if just haven’t had one in a long time.

As the electrical requirements advance, which modern homes experience the most, through getting more entertainment tools, electronics and appliances, the need arises as well. Take up the services of a certified and qualified Menlo Park electrician to accomplish such upgrades successfully.

The following signs showcase the time to get an upgrade:

  • When you plan to add a number of high-power appliances to home.
  • When the lights at home are flickering.
  • When it’s been a decade or more since the last upgrade.
  • When experiencing repeated breaker trips.
  • When appliances start getting too hot frequently.

Ask a professional electrician to scrutinize the prevailing circumstances and recommend a promising heavy-up upgrade solution!