Ways To Make Washing Machine Last Longer

Oodles of money are spent by numerous people every year on new appliances like washing machines because their older ones died prematurely. However, a certified electrical contractor Redwood City always recommends a little regular cleaning, maintenance and intelligent usage that will certainly help to stretch its life longer than you’d imagine.

Check out what all you need to do.

  • Every 4 to 5 years, the fill hoses should be switched out. The older they get, the more they wear out. Sometimes, they may even burst, resulting in flooding your house and causing water damage totaling thousands of dollars.
  • Make sure you go through everyone’s pocket to take away any loose items such as gum wrappers, pens, coins, etc. These things may trundle around in there shortening the life of the drum. Moreover, they can even increase wear and tear on your clothing.
  • Avoid overloading the machine, no matter how tempted you are. Always make certain that the clothes are loaded evenly. The motor often burns up much quicker in the case of uneven and overloading of the drum.

In the case of any uncertainty, feel free to call one of the licensed Redwood City electrical contractors to inspect the situation and fix the issue effortlessly.


Electrical Wire Color Coding

Electrical wires have markings printed or stamped on the outside covering of the cable that tell what size and type of wire is it. However, looking deeper, the color of the wires inside of the casing, will tell what purpose does it serve. A licensed Redwood City electrician can be contacted if you are confused about the purpose of different color wires.

Red & Black Wires

Both are used for switch legs and hot wires. Black ones may feed an outlet or a switch. Red ones are the second hot wire in 220-volt installations. They are used to interconnect two hardwired smoke detectors. Never use black wire for a ground or a neutral connection.

Green & Bare Copper Wires

These are used for grounding only and ground the devices. They shall be bonded to appliance connections and junction boxes for safety.

Blue & Yellow Wires

These are also used as hot wires, but are often pulled in conduit. The blue ones are commonly used for travelers in 3-way and 4-way  switch applications and are even used as switch legs to things like fans and lights. The yellow ones are often used for switch legs to control things like switched outlets, fans and lights.

Feel free to approach a certified electrician Redwood City, CA to explore more about these different color wires!

Electrical Safety Tips – Protecting Yourself At Home

Home is where you often feel safest, however, accidents can happen. Safeguard yourself and your family in your home with these recommendations that every professional Palo Alto electrician provides.

Remember, electricity and water do not gel. If an electrical device contacts water, GFCI (ground fault circuit interrupter) outlets will certainly help safeguard you from the threat of death by electric shock.

  • You will find most GFCIs where water and electricity could mix like bathrooms and kitchens.
  • Test your GFCI every month.
  • GFCI monitors the electricity flowing in and out of a product. If the electric current fluctuates, the GFCI shuts off the power to circumvent shock.

To avoid electric shock, here are some safety tips:

  • Avoid using any electrical appliance like hair dryers while standing on a wet surface.
  • Always consider childproofing your home and make your children aware not to play around electricity lines and poles.
  • Turn off all the appliances when going out for a few days.
  • Every electrical task should be taken care of by a professional electrician in Palo Alto, CA .
  • Avoid leaving heaters or hotplates unattended.

It is recommended to get the electrical circuits and the entire system in your home inspected at regular intervals by experienced electrical contractors.

Affordable Solar Options For Your Home

There are numerous advantages of using solar power: it’s renewable, non-polluting and, essentially, free. The only cost linked with solar power is the mechanisms for capturing it and converting it into the energy.

Here are a few affordable solar options for the home:

  1. Solar attic fans– A solar-powered attic fan helps to reduce the electric bill during the summers. Moreover, it is easy to install, requires less maintenance and no plug. Therefore, it is necessary to take the help of a professional Electrical Contractor In Palo Alto for installing it properly.
  2. Solar water heaters– To reduce the energy cost and save a considerable amount of money, installing solar water heaters at home is the best option. Moreover, it has very few maintenance charges as compared to the electric water heaters.
  3. Solar outdoor lighting– There are various options available for outdoor lighting. It ranges from spotlights to sensor lights and is an inexpensive way to light the house at night.

Knowing the fact that appliances that work on solar energy are not only cost-effective but also provide energy-efficiency. Therefore, it is necessary to go for the solar options at home by taking help of a professional Electrical Contractor In Palo Alto.

The Reasons You Experience A Warm Outlet Or Switch

A warm outlet does not actually denote a pending fire hazard or electrical failure, instead, it signifies that something is actually occurring behind the wall and needs a serious consideration. According to a licensed and experienced electrical contractor in Menlo Park the following reasons result in a warm outlet or switch.

  • Damaged wiring – Loose wiring or terminals inside the switch or outlet will certainly generate additional heat just due to the flow of electricity, which should be fixed without any delay.
  • Incorrectly sized breaker or fuse – It occurs in a home without any recent code updates. As the older electrical systems are not rated to facilitate the demand load of modern electronic gadgets.
  • Too much demand at the wall – There might be several plugs in a single outlet, whether as an outlet multiplier or a power strip. It might seem a convenient choice, however, the energy drawn needs to be scrutinized.
  • Broken infrastructure – If any of the noticeable parts of a plug or switch is broken, get the entire thing replaced instantaneously by calling a professional electrical contractor in Menlo Park.

Remember, a warm switch or outlet can be a sign of possible electrical fire. Assure to minimize the risk as soon as possible.

Heavy-up Electrical Panel Upgrade – Do You Really Need One?

Upgrading electrical panel to heavy-up is always recommended that helps to amplify the amount of amperage coming into the home, which is essentially capped sat a certain permitted amperage for various safety reasons. The amperage limit is directly related to the electrical requirements of the home.

Several factors contribute that decide on the requirement of heavy-up electrical panel upgrade. These are most commonly required in homes where the demand for safe electricity goes beyond the capacity, or if just haven’t had one in a long time.

As the electrical requirements advance, which modern homes experience the most, through getting more entertainment tools, electronics and appliances, the need arises as well. Take up the services of a certified and qualified Menlo Park electrician to accomplish such upgrades successfully.

The following signs showcase the time to get an upgrade:

  • When you plan to add a number of high-power appliances to home.
  • When the lights at home are flickering.
  • When it’s been a decade or more since the last upgrade.
  • When experiencing repeated breaker trips.
  • When appliances start getting too hot frequently.

Ask a professional electrician to scrutinize the prevailing circumstances and recommend a promising heavy-up upgrade solution!

The Importance of Smoke Alarm

Smoke alarm is a life-saving device and an integral part of housing security. It is mandatory to have at least one smoke alarm on each floor. It should also be noted whether they are kept in proper working order.

The best location for smoke alarms is in the hallways leading from bedrooms. However, areas with strong drafts should be avoided as they blow smoke and other airborne particles away.

The smoke alarm notifies of any suspicious smoke inside the house. This includes anything from burnt cooking, improperly extinguished cigarettes or electrical fires. The alarm will sound at the very first sign of trouble, notifying one of the fire before the flames can spread to other parts of the house. Therefore, it is necessary to install a smoke alarm at homes by taking help of a professional Electrician Palo Alto.

Moreover, a proper check has to be done for the proper working of the alarm to avoid any false alarm. Therefore, it is important to test the smoke alarms monthly. This can be done by holding down the test button on the front of the alarm or by purchasing spray cans. This way security is maintained and risk is much less.