The Reasons You Experience A Warm Outlet Or Switch

A warm outlet does not actually denote a pending fire hazard or electrical failure, instead, it signifies that something is actually occurring behind the wall and needs a serious consideration. According to a licensed and experienced electrical contractor in Menlo Park the following reasons result in a warm outlet or switch.

  • Damaged wiring – Loose wiring or terminals inside the switch or outlet will certainly generate additional heat just due to the flow of electricity, which should be fixed without any delay.
  • Incorrectly sized breaker or fuse – It occurs in a home without any recent code updates. As the older electrical systems are not rated to facilitate the demand load of modern electronic gadgets.
  • Too much demand at the wall – There might be several plugs in a single outlet, whether as an outlet multiplier or a power strip. It might seem a convenient choice, however, the energy drawn needs to be scrutinized.
  • Broken infrastructure – If any of the noticeable parts of a plug or switch is broken, get the entire thing replaced instantaneously by calling a professional electrical contractor in Menlo Park.

Remember, a warm switch or outlet can be a sign of possible electrical fire. Assure to minimize the risk as soon as possible.